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By Marianne - Mar 12, 2019

dressilyme were great in their customer service, their communication with me was first class, and they even altered their design to my specification at no extra cost.  The dress was beautiful, everyone at the wedding said so, and it fitted perfectly.  They also provided the bridesmaid’s dresses which were gorgeous.  So thank you dressilyme….

By Mary - Sep 20, 2019

The dress I received was well made and the fabric was nice and it was fully lined.  HOWEVER, the color was not what I was expecting.  I ordered a night blue color which was supposed to be a dark blue and  the dress I received was a royal blue.  dressilyme would not guarantee the color of the dress.  They made some excuse about computer monitors.  If the color of your dress is important, DO NOT order from this company.  They will not take the dress back and I now have to find another dress for my daughter's wedding in 3 weeks or wear this dress and stick out like sore thumb in the bridal party pictures. GRRRRR!!!! 

By Agnes - Sep 13, 2019

I have been in touch with Lily since August 27 and patiently answer her questions and suggestions. Both dresses sent to me do NOT match the high standards, good quality materials and especially quality control of dresses sent to customers presented in your offer !!!  

By Dan - Aug 14, 2019

Love this dress. Many people have complimented me on this dress

By FernandezBrenda - May 19, 2019

Very beautiful mother dress that came in and im very satisfied with the design thank you so much for these terrific clothes.

By Judy - May 18, 2019

Beautiful dress, it was even better than the one in picture, it is absolutely stunning and fits like a glove.The fabric is comfortable,I like it!

By Scarlett - May 17, 2019

Lots of compliments wherever I went,love the color!

By Holdyn Artuso - May 16, 2019

Beautifully Made!

By Karas Birger - May 15, 2019

Ran very small, and unfortunately we had to return. But a beautiful, well made vintage dress.

By Emma - May 14, 2019

I absolutely love this style , the dress is well made, I choose lavender,it's sweet and elegant!The customer service is also good.I will buy dress from you again.

By Eva - May 13, 2019

I ordered this dress for my sister's wedding. It fit like a glove when I received it.The fabric is comfortable.The design of neckline is beautiful too.I like it!

By Elsie - May 12, 2019

I purchased this dress in pink for my sister's wedding.Good quality,beautiful design.I choose size 4,it suits me well,Highly recommend!

By Nina - May 11, 2019

Love this dress! I tried on at least a dozen dresses. They were too long, too short, frumpy, or not dressy enough.. the fabric is satin so it lies smoothly. It is very feminine and very flattering. I actually got a "WOW" out of my hubby when I put it on. I wish it wasn't so expensive, cause then I could have bought two dresses, but it is well worth the price for a special occasion.

By nancy - May 10, 2019

Choicing the dress is one of my great decision.I enjoyed so much when I wear it to attend my best friend's wedding.The quality and the feeling is fantastic.

By Burch Lenoir - May 09, 2019

This dress is so cute! The only complaint I have is the sleeves fit a bit funny. It was beautiful in our family photos though

By Genesys McNall - May 08, 2019

Perfect fit! Bought this dress for my mom and She Loves it!!!!

By Rydar Dutka - May 03, 2019

I wish the dress was longer...I'm 6'1,. I read the reviews and most stated the dress was longer than expected. So, I took my chances. Again, I like the dress but will need altering to calf/midi length.

By Hurit Cepeda - Mar 15, 2019

This dress is unbelievable. Not only is the fabric luxurious satin but it’s a very forgiving fabric (both the satin and the lace). The shirring hides my flaws and it came flooded in a small bag and I could barely notice the wrinkles. This is important because I’m traveling by plane to an event so it won’t look awful after my flight after being folded in my luggage. I’d have paid a few hundred for this with the features above so the low price is just icing on the cake.

By SmellieNatalie - Mar 20, 2019

I bought this dress to be a bridesmaid in my BFFs wedding. It was so beautiful . I bought a petticoat but didn't wear it. Thanks a million dressilyme for making her day special and making me look awesome :-)

By MillerMozella - Mar 19, 2019

Beautiful Dress a little long past time on processing but recieved on time. Suggest you pay $12 to have made to fit. I had it altered at home and it cost me $86 and they twisted the lining. Very well made, Look for me on Toddlers and Tiaras Pageant Riches Mini National

By Kane Beevers - Mar 18, 2019

Beautiful dress, great value

By Livingston Hayden - Mar 17, 2019

10/10 would recommend!

By Dianalyn Monsanto - Mar 16, 2019

Love it!! Gorgeous dress!!

By Sorel Reymond - Mar 15, 2019

Pros: This dress and color is simply gorgeous!! The rouched waistline is very flattering. I wore it as a guest to a wedding, and received a ton of compliments from everyone. It is also machine washable, hang to dry. Con: I'm only 5'5,, but the dress is very long. So I had to spend another $20 to get it professionally hemmed.